Cafe Analog

Student cafe at the IT University of Copenhagen


It is super easy to use Kleen Hub in Analog, as you can also see in the video to the left!

1) Download the app and set up your account :calling:
2) Scan the Borrow NFC card, swipe and show the receipt to the barista
3) Enjoooooy your coffee :coffee:️ you can reuse the cup for 10 days! (you can ask the barista on shift to rinse the cup or switch to a clean one)
4) Return the cup within 10 days (unreturned cups are charged 150 DKK, so make sure to keep the cups in the Kleen Hub loop :recycle:!) You can return it in Analog or in any of the other many Kleen Hub partner cafés in Copenhagen :muscle::skin-tone-3:

In the video attached here, you can see exactly how easy it is to borrow a Kleen Hub cup in the café!Can’t wait to greet you and (try to) impress you with a bit of latte art :hearts: